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WILL BE HELD IN OKINAWA JAPAN (the birth Place of Karate) AUGUST 1ST TO AUGUST 8TH 2018.


Do you hold the rank of Shodan in Karate? Do you want to be part of this exciting experience and compete internationally? Do you want meaningful purpose to focus your mind and body to achieve both your peak karate skills and peak physical fitness?


Then perhaps you should join our team to attend and compete in - OKINAWA, JAPAN!


In August of 2018 the First Okinawan International Karate Tournament will be hosted in Okinawa.


Consequently, Shorinkan Karate Australia wish to field a team of black belt participants for this prestigious occasion.


Incidentally, those currently holding the rank of 1st Kyu may also be involved in the training schedule and compete if they can achieve their Shodan before August 1st 2018.


Any one person or even a group of people can apply provided they have suitable base skills and are older than 18 years of age.


This invitation may also provide a great opportunity to any veteran black belts (or 1st Kyu ranks) to help you achieve the motivation to renew their training and re-obtain the health, vigour confidence that karate training once gave them.


This could be the first step in developing your track record of international competition.


You will be competing at the Okinawa Karate Kaikan in Tomigusuku City as well Okinawa Prefectural Hall of Martial Arts (budokan) in Naha City Okinawa.


Being part of our team, you will gain insights into Karate History and the Culture of Okinawa; visiting such institutes as the Museum of Karate and Shuri Castle


To assist our team, achieve the skills levels to compete, Shorinkan Karate Australia has created a tournament training program to prepare you for this tournament. During February and March, the training focus of the tournament team is renewing body conditioning, flexibility strength and stamina by revisiting kumite and kata practice.


During the months of April and May the sharpening of kumite and kata skills will be undertaken.


Finally, during the months of June and July the finer tactics and strategy kumite and kata performance will be addressed.


Training would occur at our dojo at Collaroy on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with the training schedule commencing in February-March


Please contact Shorinkan Karate Australia if this would be a goal that you would like to achieve and having the opportunity to be selected of our team.



Contact Mark Greville on 9972 3199 or 0413 156 006. 
Email: to discuss your participation.

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